Breast Lifts: Should You Worry About Nipple Sensation?

As you get ready for your upcoming breast lift or breast augmentation surgery, it’s likely that you have many questions about what you should expect. One area of concern may center on the long-term implications for the sensitivity and general feeling of the affected region, including your nipples. Despite the potentially embarrassing nature of such questions, it’s important to get straight answers on the extent to which this area can be affected on a permanent basis.

Why Would Breast Surgery Affect Nipple Sensation?

All types of breast surgery involve some disruption of the nerves and blood vessels in and around the breasts. Depending on the placement of the incision and the nature of the surgery, this disruption can temporarily cut off or reduce sensation in the areas that they serve, including the nipples. Over time, these issues fade with the healing of severed nerves and the development of new connections.

Common Types of Breast Procedures

Although there are a wide range of breast procedures, three of the most common are:

•    Breast augmentation
•    Breast lift
•    Breast reduction

Implications for Nipple Sensitivity

Generally speaking, each type of breast surgery has at least a temporary effect on your nipples’ sensitivity. If you’re simply getting a breast lift, it’s unlikely that these effects will last for more than a few months at most. This is because breast lift surgeries require less disruption of the nerves and blood vessels that serve the nipples.

By contrast, breast augmentation and reduction surgeries can both have unpleasant effects that last for some time. In both cases, this is the result of incisions in the tissue that surrounds the nipples. Such incisions have the potential to damage the nerves and blood vessels in these areas. Although the degree and duration of the effect varies from patient to patient, it’s not unheard of for breast augmentation and reduction surgeries to cause changes in nipple sensitivity for a year or longer.

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