Breast Surgeries of the Rich and Famous

Enhancing Their Famous Look Through Breast Surgery

Many famous celebrities have helped their careers by opting for breast surgeryMore than 290,000 women in the U.S. who underwent breast augmentation surgery in 2013. This highlights the fact that women of all backgrounds have taken this step to improve their physical appearance, but it’s always intriguing to take a closer look at celebrities who have gotten breast surgery and the impact that it’s had on their career.

5 Celebrities Who Have Breast Implants

LeAnn Rimes – The country singer is well-known for her vocal styling and trim figure, and she made the decision to balance out her appearance by getting breast implants. The results were definitely positive, and Rimes now has a more attractive and confident look in her publicity photos.

Denise Richards – The actress who has most recently been featured in a regular role on the TV show “Twisted” has had two breast augmentation surgeries during her life, and she serves as a cautionary tale of the importance of properly vetting your plastic surgeon. Richards has been very candid in interviews about this topic, and she freely admits that she didn’t carefully consider the implications of her surgical choices at the age of 19. Now that’s she older and wiser, she has obtained the breast size and appearance that she always wanted, and the 43-year-old performer looks fantastic.

Ivanka Trump – The former fashion model and heiress to the massive Trump fortune has several successful business endeavors, and she also dramatically improved her appearance by getting breast implants. Trump is a good example of someone who grew up in the public eye due to wealth, and it’s somewhat surprising that she waited until after her model career ended to make the move to a bigger cup size.

Tori Spelling – After many years of attempting to deny having breast surgery, the former “Beverly Hills 90210″ star has publicly acknowledged that she enhanced her appearance with breast surgery. Although Spelling hasn’t been able to match the level of popularity that she enjoyed back in the 90s, her surgery did improve the overall balance of her figure, and she has obtained regular acting roles throughout her entire career.

Kate Hudson – The actress has starred in a wide variety of popular movies and TV shows, including “Glee” and “Almost Famous.” Hudson’s appearance has always been a mixture of glamorous and girl next door, and she filled out her frame with a natural and modestly-sized breast enhancement in 2010.

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