Don’t Let Infection Slow Your Healing From Breast Surgery

Increasing your chances of a full and speedy recovery

Although breast enhancement surgery is a popular and well-studied procedure that has helped untold thousands of individuals live healthier, fuller lives since the late 20th century, it carries some of the same risks as other surgical procedures. In particular, the possibility of post-surgical infection is a very real consideration that surgical candidates need to make before selecting the procedure that’s right for them.

What Are Some of the Signs of Post-Surgical Infection?

There are several different classes of post-surgical infection. Each is more or less likely to occur after certain types of procedures. This likelihood depends on the type of procedure and the post-operative protocols that the patient follows:

•    Superficial incisional infection that occurs in the skin around the incision site
•    Deep incisional infection that can affect skin and muscle tissue around the incision site
•    Organ/space infection that affects organs or internal tissues that aren’t directly related to the skin or skeletal muscles

Signs of such infections include:

•    Pus or discharge from the site of the incision
•    Pain and tenderness associated with the incision
•    Redness and swelling around the area
•    Wounds that don’t appear to be healing or that reopen on their own
•    Pus emanating from a drain placed in an internal surgical site

Preventing Serious Infections

Preventing post-surgical infections requires some common sense and a great deal of discipline. Some of the most common risk factors for infection include:

•    Surgeries that last more than two hours
•    Being elderly or overweight
•    Having a history of medical issues, including a compromised immune system
•    Being diabetic

To prevent an infection, it’s important to keep your incision clean, regularly change its dressing, follow all instructions from your surgeon and watch carefully for any changes or symptoms.

What to Do If You Suspect an Infection

A post-surgical infection is a potentially serious condition that can cause complications in the absence of proper medical treatment. Unlike regular cuts and scrapes, a surgical incision is very deep and has the potential to transmit infected fluids from place to place. If you suspect that your surgical wound is infected, visit a medical treatment facility immediately and contact your plastic surgeon.

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