Tummy Tuck Vocabulary Primer

tummy tuck

What you need to know before your surgery day

Are you preparing for a “tummy tuck” surgery or other body-sculpting procedure? While you’ve probably spent ample time researching your options and learning about how these surgeries are conducted, you shouldn’t feel bad for going cross-eyed over some of the more technical or confusing language you’ve encountered along the way. We offer some clear definitions of common terms related to this important and commonplace surgery.

Anesthesia: Drugs designed to produce some combination of numbness, sedation or unconsciousness.

Local anesthesia: Injected drugs that reduce or dull pain in a specific area of the skin or body for a finite period of time.

General anesthesia: IV-administered drugs or gases that produce altered consciousness or complete unconsciousness during a surgical procedure and for some time after.

Intravenous sedation: When administered by IV, general anesthesia may be known as “intravenous sedation” and may produce complete unconsciousness or a “twilight sleep” condition in which some faculties of consciousness are preserved.

Abdominoplasty: A surgical procedure, also known as a “tummy tuck,” that removes excess skin from the front and sides of the abdomen to produce a tighter and better-defined physique.

Hematoma: A condition—common before and after surgical procedures—in which blood pools beneath the skin for any number of reasons.

Diastasis: A condition in which the abdominal muscles separate due to any number of factors.

Sutures: Medical-grade stitching materials that surgeons use to hold skin and subcutaneous tissue in place after a surgical procedure.

Liposuction: A specific procedure in which special, suction-enabled equipment is used to remove subcutaneous fat from the abdominal area to create a leaner, better-defined shape.

Post-operative pain: Pain experienced in the aftermath of any surgical procedure, including a tummy tuck.

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